If you are stepping into the game of bodybuilding or wrestling, you would have heard about the use of good supplements. Many individuals recommend taking the post workout protein and making it a habit. The reason is that it can bring some serious improvement to your exercises and recovery. Often you would be told about it as the building block of the body and how good it is to gain muscle mass. However, there is much more to it that you need to know. So, here is a comprehensive answer to what does protein actually do in your body.

Building element

Let’s start with the common one that most of the people know. Protein helps in muscle growth in various ways. One of the many reasons why people who are building a good body, especially those that look forward to bulking up, should take protein is because it is the building element for your body. It is the primary content for cell building and growth. Therefore, the more protein is present in your body to more cell growth and enhancement will take place. Thus, you are certain to bulk.

Anabolism vs. catabolism

People that are deep into the bodybuilding would be aware of the processes of anabolism and catabolism and what role they play in the growth of your muscles. The anabolism is also referred to as the muscle protein synthesis while the catabolism can be suggested to as the muscle breakdown. Both have to take place in your body and if your senior is freaking you out by telling how cruel catabolism can be for all the muscle that you have built then don’t be afraid.

The reason is that both processes are essential for your body. It is all about the net protein synthesis as it would be the case with calorie intake and calories burned. All you need to do it to turn it in your favor by ensuring that more time is given to anabolism while less catabolism takes place. By that, you will be able to gain muscle mass.

All this can be done with the help of proper protein intake. It is because the more protein you consume, the more time it takes to synthesize it rather than breaking it. Thus, it will shift in your favor.

What else?

Protein has Leucine in it which is the most important among three BCAAs. According to the experts, it has all the power to be the determining factor between the anabolism and catabolism time. If you are able to increase the amount of leucine in the body, then you are likely to spend more time in anabolism state than you would in catabolism. Therefore, you can rely on protein as it provides you leucine in sufficient amount. It will work in turning the net protein synthesis time as per your desire. Ultimately, less breakdown of muscle will take place than its gain, and you will be able to have more muscle mass in your body.