Tired of eating all day? Choose between top Bodybuilding Supplements to Gain Weight

In bodybuilding, weight gain plays an important role. Especially, if you are among individuals that love to bulk up on their muscle, there are certain supplements to help you. While achieving it all with the help of seems a bit too much to ask, you might be aware of the fact that doing it only with regular nutrition may take years and still you are likely to unable to get 100% results. Therefore, it is critical to know about the Supplements in Dubai that can help you gain weight so that you can have more muscle mass.


Creatine is among those elements that help us in keeping up with day to day tasks. Whether it be your chewing of food, scratching your head, or moving any other limb of your body, it is all done with the help of creatine phosphate energy system. Thus, it is of a great importance regarding supplements and is available to you in a number of variations. However, the most popular among them and arguably the most effective is the cheapest creatine solution which is creatine monohydrate.

It is useful for lean muscle mass if you take it along with some strength training. Ultimately, it will impact the level of strength that your muscles possess. If you suffer from the soreness of your muscles after spending a few hours in the gym or on the receiving end of severe inflammation, then you might look forward to using it as it decreases both these problems. Better blood flow and enhanced HIIT performance can also be achieved with the help of these supplements.


Beta-Alanine, also referred to as BA, is one of those supplements that occur in our body naturally. It is a form of amino acid that is not necessary. However, it is consumed by our body whenever we intake some protein-rich food. It is important for your performance in the gym and other sports activities because it helps in enhancing the carnosine presentation in our muscles. It is so significant that one may experience up to 60% increase in the level of carnosine within as little as 6 weeks consumption.

The element is important as it helps in delaying the fatigue, especially when you are on HIIT training circuit. You will get a big boost to the overall productivity and muscle power. As a result, better muscle building occurs. Apart from that, the endurance is also increased.

The notable thing here is that many people take Creatine along with Beta-Alanine because both have a positive impact on the effectiveness of each other.

Other supplements

Apart from the two discussed above, other top bodybuilding supplements to gain weight include the popular whey protein, BCAA (which is branched chain amino acid), and Caffeine. However, it is not only the supplement and its quality that matters. What is most critical is the effectiveness of the element on your performance, what your body requires, and appropriate usage and dosage of the supplement. Else, you may not get the desired results.